IV 68; IV 80

Simple and elegant with a sash hidden within the frame, this system is synonymous with minimalism. The frame is concealed into the wall ledge and provides maximum brightness inside the rooms.


Profile wood profile thickness 78,5 mm, total thickness with aluminum cover 93,5 mm – ZERO Model is also available in profile 68 mm
Best thermal value Uw 0,80 W/m2K ( triple glazing Ug 0,5 and profile 78,5 mm)
Aluminum cover strong construction with its welded edges and thermal-bridge, fastened on wooden profile
Gasket 4 high quality gaskets – 2 Q-lon gaskets on sash and 2 EPDM gaskets on frame and aluminum cover
Hardware visible and hidden ( hidden hardware on profile 68 mm to carry up to 80 kg and on profile 78,5 mm to carry up to 150 kg
Design sash hidden within frame outside, no glazing bead inside. Modern, square edged wood profile design in profile 78,5 mm while on wooden profile 68 mm in soft variation.
Wood types spruce, larch, oak, meranti

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