Company history

Company history

PANA WINDOWS d.o.o. was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of the parent company Međimurjeplet, and in its activities continued a 30 year experience of production of exterior carpentry, improving business skills and specialization in the production of wood and wood-aluminum windows and doors.

At its facility in Čakovec, which occupies a total area of 27,665 m2, the company employs 50 workers and professional staff, which are following recent developments in the production and application of windows. . On numerically controlled machines standard and non-standard products are made, and we generally seek to meet the specific needs related to exterior and interior carpentry.

In the production line of the company’s exterior carpentry are windows, doors, lift sliding and tilt-sliding doors in the variants wood-wood and wood-aluminum, also blinds and shutters. The production of doors is divided, entrance doors made of Variopur panels and interior doors made of solid wood fir and spruce or veneer.

Low-energy windows and sliding doors meet the high standards required by the Western European market, so the total production is mostly exported, and a especially valuable reference is a placement in the most demanding markets, such as those in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Continuous investment in contemporary design and low energy property windows, as well as other relevant technical requirements required by modern trends in architecture and construction, and a valuable and educated work force, contribute to a growing confidence of the market, and thus the annual production reaches 16,000 windows of all types and 3,000 doors, certified according to the IFT Rosenheim, Europinspekt, CE, FSC standards.

In the references of the company enters rich experience in demanding construction projects of large volumes. The ability to adapt of PANA WINDOWS is reflected in the constant openness to create a completely new or adapt existing solutions, all through cooperation with architects and their contribution to demanding projects. A particularly valuable contribution to the company PANA and PANA WINDOWS has been the recognization in the renovation of protected cultural monuments.

The channels that the company uses for the placement of finished products and services are manifold. In addition to the wholesale through distributors and retail chains in the country and abroad, direct contact with customers is achieved through our own showrooms in Čakovec and Zagreb.

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