IV 80

PANA  EXCLUSIVE TERMIC  – EI30 The protection of life and property in the event of a fire is becoming an increasingly important factor in construction, especially for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices or apartment buildings.

The task of this special fire resistant window construction is to insulate open flames in areas with combustible materials; the creation of fire barriers that prevent the fire from spreading in all directions and thereby providing escape routes; facilitating the task for fire and rescue crews by creating a fire safety zone.

PANA  EXCLUSIVE TERMIC  – EI30 is a window tested at IFT Rosenheim Germany and it passed the 30 minute fire and smoke resistance test.


Wooden profile thickness 80 mm
Best thermal value Uw 1,62 W/m2K (double glazing Ug 1,5)
Gasket special gasket, slowburning gasket
Hardware visible with self-seal function
Rain protection profiles on frame and sash as standard equipment, available in different colours
Wood type Thermo-treated oak

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