Glass is an essential part of the window and determines the window in many aspects – aesthetics, security, sound insulation, protection from the sun, and preservation of the heat in the room. In Pana windows we install the standard 2-layer or 3-layer insulated glass with the features which  are adapted to your requirements.

This achieves a higher degree of thermal insulation of the room. A plastic spacer, instead of aluminum between layers of glass, also contributes to better thermal properties of windows.

Thermal properties of glass

Colorless low-e coating – a metal oxide layer on glass that acts on the outer side as the filter, in a manner that prevents the leakage of harmful UV rays into the room, while on the inside the heat is reflected back into the room.

Various glass configurations and their thermal properties

Glass cross section Glass configuration Ug (W/m2K)
4 – 20 – 4 2,9
4 LOW-E – 20 – 4 1,1
6 LOW-E – 20AR – 4 – 20AR – LOW-E 4 0,5

Acoustic properties of glass

Sound insulation glass largely depends on the mass of glass embedded in the window, which means that for a better sound insulation a thicker glass is used.

Glass cross section Glass configuration Rw (dB)
4 – 20 AR – 4 LOW-E 32
44.2 SC FOIL – 16 AR – 4 LOW-E 39
44.1 AC FOIL – 20 AR – 6 LOW-E 43
6 LOW-E – 20 AR – 4 – 20 AR – LOW-E 4 36
44.2 PVB LOW-E – 18 AR – 4 – 16 AR – LOW-E 6 42
44.1 AC FOIL-LOW-E – 16 – 6 – 14 AR – 10 LOW-E 47

Safety features of glass

To improve the properties of glass from a security point of view, the glass is subjected to a tempering process, which leads to better impact resistance and during a fracture the glass breaks into many small parts with blunt edges which increases the safety. Laminated glass is composed of two or more glass glued together with a foil. During a fracture this glass will not disintegrate into small pieces, but stays glued to the foil and therefore is used as safety glass.

Glass cross section Glass configuration Ug (W/M2K) Rw (dB)
ESG 6 LOW-E – 18 AR – 4 – 18 AR – 44.2 LOW-E 0,5 39


By combining different thicknesses of glass and thermal processing we achieve varying degrees of stability, security and protection against noise, all according to your needs.

Tempered glass

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