Roller shutters

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are a simple and safe way to regulate the penetration of heat and light into the room. Because of the possible applications in new construction and in renovation, as well as many variations of color, handling and installation, they are today the most common element of protection from the sun.

Outer front mounted box • Aluminum box of semi-circular or rectangular shape
• Revision below for easy servicing
• The possibility of painting according to RAL
Outer box under mortar • Aluminum box designed for mounting on concrete or on the upper expander of the window frame
• Revision below for easy servicing
Top mounted box • Standardly supplied plastic box in white with front revision – the box is visible in the room
• The box may be closed from the inside with plaster or with mortar on the outside, and thus adapt optically to the interior or exterior; in this case revision is below; This version is done at extra cost
Lamellas • Aluminum lamellas filled with polyurethane foam
• Height of the lamellas 39, 43 and 55 mm
• Available only according to the tone card of the manufacturer
Guide rails • With a top mounted PVC box 60×33 rails are installed, or 60×52 mm if there is additionally integrated rollo mosquito net
• In the case of external aluminum boxes 53×22 mm rails are installed or 53×39 mm if there is additionally integrated rollo mosquito net.
• The rails are available in the standard colours of the manufacturer or by additional charge by the RAL card
Driving mode for roller shutters • Manual belt
• Crank drive
• Motor driven – button or remote control

Types of boxes:

Outer box under mortar

Outer front mounted box

Top mounted box

Driving mode for roller shutters:

Crank drive

Push button

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