Your windows are fitted with first class quality fitting systems, and are therefore very easy to handle.

They include many functions:

• Covering caps matching the colour of handle
• Basic security in 2 locking points for burglary protection
• One-hand opening system of the 2-sash window

Possibility to incorporate additional functions:

• Hidden hardware
• Burglary protection up to level RC2
• Additional ventilation function through tilt option under 45º
• Locking detection integrated in alarm- and monitoring systems
• Special surface treatment for best corrosion resistance and durability in extreme weather conditions

Sensing equipment:

• Systems for everyday ventilation and a supply of fresh air, and in the event of a fire a smoke drain system, available both in turn and in tilt sashes
• Systems to achieve a higher degree of security against intrusion
• Windows fitted with a hardware with the ability to connect to the control units of the heating and cooling systems of rooms and their management

Hidden fittings

Visible fittings

Tricoat Plus hardware – a hardware with increased corrosion resistance

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