Wood briquettes


Dried wood waste generated by wood processing into finished products is used for the production of wood briquettes. The wood briquette is a modern and environmentally friendly heating material that is obtained by pressing, without the addition of binders. The role of the natural binding agent takes lignin, which is an integral part of the wood. The amount of carbon dioxide that is released by burning briquettes is the same as the amount created by a tree as it grows, so wood briquettes are CO2 neutral energy carriers as they produce negligible amounts of CO2 in the production, transportation and exploitation.


Except for fuel in fireplaces, wood briquettes can be used as fuel in furnaces with a heat exchanger, semi-automatic district heating boilers or fully automated district heating boilers with suction or worm drive system.


The wood briquette is compressed so it does not require a lot of storage space, but considering that it has hygroscopic properties, it must be stored in a dry place.

Technical characteristics

Form ø 80, full
Dimension length up to 300 mm
Packaging boxes 10 and 20 kg
Ash content 0,4
Sulpfur content 0,006
Heating value 18490 kJ/kg